Herrschners Heaven Sent Yarn 1 Review

Herrschners Heaven Sent Yarn 1 star review: Couldn't wait to work wit this but little fuzzy pieces fall off and you can literally, lightly pull, and the soft fluff of this yarn falls off exposing the core. What a deep disappointment!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: December 5th, 2020: Called and message said to contact 

through email. Going to see if the 7 balls can be returned.

December 7, 2020: Received an email stating I can return the yarn so I replied and asked for a return label and said why should I have to pay for their defective yarn. They responded back stating they will not give a return label and maybe if I return it they might pay for the shipping. Don't think so! So, this was handed over to PayPal to be resolved. Unless I know the yarn, I will never purchase from Herrschners again.


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