Monday, February 4, 2019

How To Make Plain and Knotted Fringe Crochet Knitting

How to make plain and knotted fringe for crochet and knitting with written directions and illustrations.

Cut 5 strands of thread, each 12 inches long. Double these strands to form a loop (figure 1). Insert hook (figure 2) in space on edge of bedspread (or item working on) and draw loop through (figure 3). Draw loose ends through loop (figure 4) and pull up tightly to form a knot (figure 5). Make a fringe in every other space (or every half inch) around bedspread (or item working on) or ends. When fringe is completed, trim ends evenly. NOTE: You can make longer strands.

Cut 8 strands of thread, each 16 inches long, and make a Plain Fringe around edges or ends of item (figures 1 - 5). Pick up half the strands of the first fringe and half the strands of the second fringe and make a know (figure 6) 1 inch down and in the center between 2 previous knots. Pick up remaining strands of second fringe and firs half of the strands of next fringe and knot as before. Continue in this manner around. Trim evenly.

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