Candy Cane Place Mat Napkin Holder Vintage Crochet Pattern 1955

Candy cane place mat and napkin holder is a 1955 vintage crochet pattern. Made with cotton thread and has easy to follow instructions. It's not quite round in shape but looks interesting.

Measures approximately: 16 1/2 inches diameter

Candy Cane Place Mat Napkin Holder Free Vintage Crochet Pattern 1955

NOTE: Considering the size hook used, I'd be tempted to use Aunt Lydia's size 3 crochet thread
2 balls each White and Red size 10 cotton crochet thread  See Note About Threads
Size 2/0 (double 0) crochet hook

Starting at center with White, ch 3.

1st Round: 8 half dc in 3rd ch from hook. Join to top of ch 3, drop white. Hereafter pick up back loop only.

2nd Round: Attach red to same place as sl st, 2 sc in same place, 2 sc in each half dc around (18 sc). Join, drop red.

3rd Round: Pick up white, ch 2, half dc in same place as sl st, * half dc in next sc, 2 half dc in next sc (1 half dc increased). Repeat from * around (27 half dc). Join, drop white.

4th Round: Pick up red, 2 sc in same place as sl st, * sc in next 2 half dc, 2 sc in next half dc. Repeat from * around (36 sc). Join, drop red. Continue in pattern, increasing 9 sts evenly on each round until 25 rounds have been completer.

26th, 27th and 28th Rounds: Work in pattern without increasing. At end of 28th round, do not drop red, turn and sl st in each sc around. Join. Cut thread, weave in ends and block to measurements.

Work as for place mat until 6 rounds have been completed. Join and cut thread. Weave in ends. Sew in place. Block to measurements.


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