Susan Bates Comfort Cushion Crochet Hook Review All Sizes

Am deeply disappointed in this product and give Susan Bates Comfort Cushion size 002 to K crochet hook a 2.5 star review. Images will show how small the hole is to try and slide your hook through. There is also a size 001 through G hook available too which I purchased and has the same problem, especially getting this over the oval part of the small steel hooks for using on crochet thread. The hole size is really no different. Although this helps your hands tremendously, I will be venturing around to find something better and easier.

1. Hole is way too small to fit through any size hook; tiny steel, 0's, and on up to D, E, F, G, H, I, J, or K hook without hurting your hands and even following the directions to add a drop of soap to the end of the hook, it's extremely, and I can't stress the word "extremely" hard. In order for this to even slide on, the hook had to be removed and more soap added several times. Then, even though the instructions say not to press on hook end, this is what had to be done.

2. Although this is a great idea for people who need padding to keep their hands from hurting or aching, the design lacks a beveled edge, giving a smooth corner.

3. This product helps but is does not cushion enough. Yet it does provide a lot more comfort with stress on the hand.

4. These do not feel removable on the larger size hooks.

001 to K Crochet Hook Comfort Cushion Susan Bates Review
002 to K

001 to G Crochet Hook Comfort Cushion Susan Bates Review
001 to G


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