Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Best Storage Shelves For Yarn

Was looking for strong and sturdy storage cubes shelves for yarn and came across SONGMICS 9 Cube DIY Cube Storage Shelves. Very stable, hold a lot of items and versatile in how they can be set up. I've put them together in many ways but ended up changing it to rows of 3 and 5 tall so they can be moved around if need be. A great idea for many craft items. It's truly amazing how much weight they can endure and items are able to be place on the very top too to get extra storage. I don't miss the wobbling of press wood cubicles at all and plan to slowly replace each of them. Now I also purchased some like the photo below from a different company and they were horrifying - made with cheap plastic and sides. So am going to stick with this company.

You can find these on Amazon for a very reasonable price of $27.99 for nine. Other quantities sell at different prices.

Yarn Craft Storage Ideas SONGMICS 9 Cube DIY Cube Storage Shelves

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