Friday, September 21, 2018

Easy Cotton Crochet Square Dishcloth Free Pattern

Free pattern for thick and durable easy easy crochet square dishcloth to use for everyday kitchen tasks. Made with Lilly Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn. Designed by Robin Harley.

Easy Crochet Square Dishcloth Designed by Robin Harley

G Hook
2.5 ounces Lilly Sugar 'n Cream Cotton Yarn or other brand of your choice
Blunt Needle

Ch 25

ROW 1: Sc in 3 ch from hook, ch 2, sc in same sp. Skip 1 ch, * sc, ch 2, sc in next sp, skip 1 ch. Repeat * to end ending with 1 sc in last ch.

ROW 2 - 22: Ch 2, sc, ch 2, sc in each ch space, ending with sc in ch 2 space.

Finish off and weave ends in with blunt needle

I Create You Crochet Patterns are designed by Robin Harley

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