Thursday, April 21, 2016

Over 3,300 Free Crochet Patterns From Yarn Manufactures

It's taken 2 weeks to build up over 3,300 free crochet patterns from the yarn manufactures and well known arts and crafts stores. There is an entire
section with all patterns and then broken into categories baby/toddler, cardigans, doilies, dresses and skirts, hair, jewelry accessories, handbags, purses and totes, hats, holidays, home decor, kitchen, legs and feet, mittens/gloves, pets, scarves and cowls, shawls, ponchos, capes, shrugs, sweaters, tanks and tops, throws, blankets and afghans, stuffed toys, tunics and last vests. These are all on my pinterest page with photos of each project and directions that you can either print or download.

Afghans and Throws

Baby Items

Cardigans, Jackets and Dusters


Dresses and Skirts

Gloves and Mittens

Hair, Jewelry and More Accessories

Handbags, Purses, Totes and Cases



Home Decor

Leg Warmers, Sock, Slippers and Boot Toppers


Scarves and Cowls

Shawls and wraps, ponchos, capes and shrugs


Tanks and Tops




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