Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Eight Pointed Doily 1949 Free Vintage Crochet Pattern

Eight Pointed Doily - A 1949 Vintage Crochet Pattern For Free. This measures approximately 17 1/2 inches in diameter from point to point. What is nice about this pattern, is you can make it as big as you want - great for a round table cover!

Size 10 crochet thread
Steel Crochet Hook Size 7  See Note About Threads

Starting at center, ch 10. Join with sl st to form ring.

1st Rnd: Ch 3, 23 dc in ring. Sl st in top of ch 3.

2nd Rnd: Sc in same place as sl st, * ch 10, sc in 6th ch from hook, ch r, skip 2 dc, sc in next dc. Repeat from * around, ending with ch 4, sl to in first sc.

3rd Rnd: Sl st in next 4 ch and in next ch 6 loop. Ch 3, 12 dc in same loop. 13 dc in each remaining ch 6 loop. Sl st in top of ch 3.

4th Rnd: Sl st in next 4 dc, ac in next 3 dc, * ch 13,, sc in center 3 dc of next 13 dc group. Repeat from * around, ending with ch 13, sl st in first sc.

5th Rnd: Sl st in next 2 sc and in next loop, ch 3, 7 dc in same loop, ch 3, 8 dc in same loop, * in next loop make 8 dc, ch 3 and 8 dc. Repeat from * around. Sl st in top of ch 3.

6th Rnd: Sl st on next dc, ch 3 * dc in each dc to within next ch 3 sp, in sp make 2 dc, ch 3 and 2 dc; dc in each dc on next dc-group to within last dc of this group, skip the last dc of this group and the first dc of next dc group. Repeat from * around. Join.

Repeat 6th rnd until 29 rnds in all are completed.

30th Rnd: Sc in each st around, making 4 sc in each ch 3 sp. Join, break off, weave ends in. Block if needed.

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