Saturday, January 30, 2016

Check Out JoAnn Big Twist Sincerely Yarn - You Won't Be Disappointed!

Check out JoAnn Big Twist Sincerely Yarn! This is one you won't be disappointed in. It's made like yarns back in the day and give it 5 stars. A tight twist and nice size to
work with. Not too thin and not too thick, soft and has a good spring to it. Today I did a test sample in the washer on cold and the dryer on normal and this yarn held up beautifully!

A few weeks ago I tried just the Big Twist Value yarn but returned all of it because of being scratchy and itchy. Had a customer looking for a burgundy color to make her a custom shawl and took the chance on the Big Twist Sincerely yarn and what a difference! Got some plans for this one.

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