Friday, April 24, 2015

Mild Chili - Italian Sausage & Ground Turkey Recipe

This mild chili recipe is great for those who don't like hot. Flavorful and filling. Created in the kitcen of Robin Harley.


1 lb hot Italian sausage – casings removes
1 lb ground white turkey
½ cup dry minced onions
5 cloves garlic
2 green bell peppers, seeded and diced
2 Poblano peppers, seeded and diced
1 Serrano pepper, seeded and diced
3 Tablespoons chili powder
2 teaspoons cumin
2 teaspoons oregano
1 Tablespoon instant coffee
1 chocolate bar
1 - 28 ounce can crushed tomatoes
2 - 14.5 ounce cans diced tomatoes with green chilies
2 - 15 ounce cans chili beans
1 - 15 ounce can black beans
1 - 15 ounce can kidney beans
3 Tablespoons brown sugar
4 Tablespoons whiskey

Brown Italian sausage and ground white turkey. Reduce heat to medium with occasional stirring: add onions and simmer with meats for 5 minutes. Add peppers and simmer with mixture for 5 minutes. Add chili powder, cumin, oregano, instant coffee and chocolate bar and simmer for about 5 – 7 minutes. Add tomatoes and beans and stir together very good. Add whiskey and cook for about 5 minutes. Add brown sugar and stir together. Transfer to a crock-pot and cook on low for 8 hours with occasional stirring.

Makes 8 quarts

Created in the kitchen of Robin Harley

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